I started mixing oils into my shea butter to get the benefits of the oils into my hair. Belle Butters main use is for naturally curly coarse and kinky hair, but can also be used on the skin or nails.

Belle Butters (when noted for hair use) works best on coarse-haired naturals, but fine-haired naturals use it as a pomade to hold a style or to lay their edges down. All the butters can be used on the skin for moisturizing, healing dry skin and encouraging elasticity of your skin.


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If you have any trouble with processing your order (billing/shipping address didn't update in PayPal), please contact me right away so I may notate the correct address.

I ship orders to the address provided and if that address is incorrect and the package is returned to me, you must pay to have it shipped again. 

If your package is shipped and marked delivered by USPS and you did not receive it or you think the package was stolen, you must contact USPS about the matter. I am not responsible for the package's delivery after I have dropped it off at USPS.

Turn Around Time

Currently, turn around time is 7-10 business days for your order to be processed and shipped. This does not include weekends or holidays.

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All items will be shipped through USPS.

Please make sure the address you provide through PayPal is correct. If you are purchasing a gift to be sent to someone other than you, please provide their shipping address on PayPal. I will ship the gift to that address. I will not replace purchases that have been sent to the incorrect address. Any returned packages due to incorrect address or information missing from the address will be subject to a fee (shipping rate) to resend the package to the customer. The customer will be given the option to pay for the shipping or opt for a refund to place the order again with the correct address. This will be dealt with case by case as there will be exceptions.

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Cold Pack Shipping

Cold pack shipping is done to try and prevent melting of your butter, however this is not a guarantee that when you receive it that it will still be at it's normal state (if package is left outside for a long period, etc).  International orders may request cold pack shipping, but please note that it is at an additional cost. During this time, all orders that qualify for cold pack shipping will automatically ship Priority Mail which is at a higher shipping rate. This will cover the cost for Priority Mail service and the cold pack. There are products that will not ship with a cold pack because they are not in danger of melting during transit. Those items are: Lady Belle Solid Perfume, Lady Belle Rollerball Perfume, Peppermint Mocha Lip Balm, Dous Te B&B Oil, Loc Lovin' Gellie and the Black Currant & Lavender Oil Cleanser.

If you have any additional questions about cold pack shipping that were not covered here, please email us.

For more detailed information regarding cold pack shipping, please take a look at the Notices section.

Refunds and Exchanges

What happens if my container is broken or my butter leaked?
Please contact me right away here at Big Cartel or email me at bellebutters [!at] gmail.com with your order information, name and address.

Do you accept returns?
We do not accept returns. Anything sent back to us will be disposed of.

My order isn't what I expected, what should I do?
If you are unsatisfied with your order, please contact me as soon as possible so that it may be rectified as soon as possible. Please do not wait. I am willing to work out almost any situation.

I placed my order a while ago and I haven't received it yet, what's going on?
Belle Butters is whipped and mixed together by hand, by me. If I am overwhelmed with orders, it will be noted here on the site that it may take a bit longer for your Belle Butters to arrive. I really do appreciate your business and I am working as fast as I can to get your order to you.

Additional Policies and FAQs

The discount code for the sale isn't working, what do I do?

 Please email me before submitting your order so that we may work together to see why the discount code is not working. There is typically only one live discount code available at a time so the code should work and should be checked to make sure it is being entered correctly before proceeding with payment information. If the order is placed without emailing me first regarding it not working, I will not offer an adjustment. If you wish to cancel the order, I will honor this request however, please note that orders placed via PayPal will refund quicker than orders placed via Stripe/CC (may take 5-7 business days before the refund reflects).

I received my butter and it's too firm/too soft/gritty. Why is that?
Not all butters are created equal. There are varying degrees of firmness and softness. Shea butter tends to be somewhat soft, mango butter is firm and cocoa butter is hard. If your butter is gritty, it more than likely crystallized because of the temperature. While we try to do the best we can to make sure your butter does not get too warm during shipping, we have no control over the environment. The grit will emulsify, just like the butter does when warmed with your hands.

How do I use Belle Butters?
Belle Butters can be used as a deep conditioning treatment, pomade for twists or locs, moisturizer for the hair and body, and for strengthening nails.

On hair: It is best to apply Belle Butters when the hair is damp and then styled (braids/twists). Belle Butters can also be applied to dry hair to replenish moisture.
On body: Apply immediately after drying off from your bath or shower for smooth, supple skin.
On nails: Massage Belle Butters onto your nails everyday for stronger, longer nails in less than 2 weeks.

Remember that a little goes a long way! Belle Butters has a low melting point so it emulsifies easily in your hands.

Is Belle Butters safe for children?
Yes! Belle Butters has been tested on myself (I have sensitive skin) before it is delivered to your doorstep. If your child is experiencing problems with sensitive, dry skin, this is the perfect product for your son or daughter.

Important: Please perform a skin test before using Belle Butters. If rash or irritation occurs, please discontinue use.

Last updated: June 4, 2017